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Comentario #5 - Hecho por Da fuck again el 17/10/2014
Nobody* fuck got me spelling wrong and shit
Comentario #4 - Hecho por Da fuck! el 17/10/2014
How the hell would you want to sell something money wants to see, looks like you filmed this with a calculator.
Comentario #3 - Hecho por mouses el 24/04/2014
You sure it was eleisha and dan?
Comentario #2 - Hecho por Count el 24/01/2014
Lame how do you expect to sell sex videos if you can't even record correctly smh
Comentario #1 - Hecho por Big boy el 16/01/2014
How would u know?
Descripción del video: the is the fist time i got to fuck the girl next door, we have plenty videos since but we would like to sell those ;)